Tips for Raising net Weight

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1. Double your “Ration”

If you do not grow, the solution is simple – eat more calories. What is the easiest way to increase your calorie intake during the day? Doubling all your portions. For example, if you eat 1 chicken fillet for dinner, from now on, eat two. Toast 1 slice of bread for breakfast? Replace the number 1 with the number 2. It takes all the thinking and counting. When possible, you should simply try to eat twice as much as usual to double your calorie intake. Since the food has to be prepared anyway, it does not require any extra effort to increase the simple amount.

2. Focus on Eating Time

Next, don’t miss a meal. You need to eat and eat more often – once every 2-3 hours will be best if you really struggle to gain weight hard.

If you find you forget to eat, set an alarm or diary

3. Buy more “Eating” Equipment

Another sneaky trick. There are a lot of guys in the room who just bought bigger plates. Once you’ve done that, make sure the larger plate is always full. Washing one large dish takes less effort than washing 2 smaller ones. Simple and easy.

4. Don’t skimp on Expensive Post-workout Foods

After a workout, you also need to be absolutely sure that you are eating good food. Do not allow yourself to save on quality at the expense of quantity.

If there are times when you want to afford more expensive foods or supplements, after a workout it’s time.

5. Eat high-calorie Foods

Good high-calorie foods are: peanuts, peanut butter, raw oatmeal, tender red meat, pretzels and dried fruits. The more of them you can include in your diet, the faster you will see results.

6. Train, train, train!

Since you will need to take an aggressive approach to your diet, you will also need to be consistent in your workouts. You do not want to end the period of fat gain, and the best way to prevent this is by monitoring how many calories you take in during the day. If you raise the boundaries too high, your body will begin to build body fat.

If you see this happening, it is enough to reduce your calorie intake by about 200 calories a day or 10% and the “fat” should stop.

7. Don’t forget Cardio

Don’t make the mistake of most boys who think that when they gain weight, it’s not good to do cardio because it burns fat and counteracts diet. That’s not exactly right! Do cardio (not like when you clean, of course), but less often and in moderation. This way your heart will not lose training and lose weight. Cardio will also increase your appetite, which can help your diet.

8. Never train Hungry.

Would you drive out for a long trip with a half-empty fuel tank? No, unless you want the car to “die” at some point and just “push” the rest of the way. It’s the same with training. Don’t go to the gym hungry when you want to lift a table.

I suggest you start applying the same principle every week and watch your body grow to see if it works or not. Each organism has a strict individuality and requires an individual approach. But these tips are rather universal. You can apply them to your mode simply as a supplement. You will feel the result yourself

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