The best Exercises with your own Weight

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How can we train Using only our own Body

Exercises with your own weight are a recommended part of every trainer’s workout, regardless of whether it aims to increase muscle mass or shape and maintain it. They are the fastest and easiest way to combine cardio and strength training in one. In addition, most of the exercises focus on many muscle groups in the body, which helps to burn fat faster and build muscle.

Which self-weight exercises do the Instructors recommend?


Push-ups are one of the most well-known and practiced exercises in the world. They effectively load the chest, back, arms and even the abdomen, which is why they are one of the most effective complex exercises with your own weight.

However, the effectiveness of push-ups depends mainly on the correct technique of execution. It consists mainly in the body being fully stretched with each lowering and raising, with the hands just below the shoulders, with the fingers pointing forward, and the heels together.

Push-ups are an exercise with many varieties. In addition to standard, to diversify the training program and additional workload are made and:

  • Wide support with a wide grip
  • Narrow grip face (diamond)
  • Face support with fingers pointing outwards
  • Finger support
  • Palm support
  • Fist support
  • One-arm push-up
  • Inclined push-up
  • Knee support
  • One-leg support
  • Cross-legged push-up
  • Push-ups with raised legs
  • Face support with crack


Gatherings are another basic complex exercise working on the upper body. They load many muscle groups, including the back, shoulders and arms, and at the same time accelerate the release of growth hormones.

Gatherings help build muscle mass, achieve relief, expand the back and increase strength in the arms.

Standard dialing is performed by gripping the lever with two hands spread shoulder-width apart, with the palms pointing in the opposite direction. Tighten the muscles of the torso and back and gather up, trying not to swing the body. The first part of the movement ends when the chin reaches the lever. The body then slowly returns to the starting position.

Both push-ups and pull-ups are a variety of exercises. Some of them are:

  • Wide range dials
  • Compactions with a narrow reach
  • Dials behind the neck
  • Biceps pull-ups with grip
  • Commandos (side dialing)
  • One-handed dials
  • Cross-grip dials
  • Reverse calls
  • Dials with a towel


Squats are an exercise that builds muscle mass in the legs and pelvis, helps burn fat faster in the body, improves balance, flexibility and mobility of the body. They are called the “king” of all exercises, and one of the reasons is that they have been known since ancient times.

The main muscles that are loaded during squats are the quadriceps, calves and gluteus. However, many of the stabilizing muscles are involved in their performance, which creates an anabolic environment (when the difference between protein synthesis and protein breakdown in the muscles is positive), which stimulates the building of muscle mass.

The classic squat is performed with the legs spread shoulder-width apart and the arms raised parallel to the floor. The back should be straight throughout the exercise. From the starting position, squat as low as possible, to a level to which the knees point in the direction of the toes. He stays in this position for a short time and returns to the starting position.

Of course, there are also variations of the classic squat. Some of them are:

  • Squat with weights
  • Squat with a jump
  • Squat on one leg
  • Sumo squat
  • Bulgarian squat


The ranking for the best exercises with your own weight also includes seizures. They load several muscle groups in the body and are very effective for burning calories. The main focus of the attacks is on the shape of the thighs and buttocks.

They are implemented as follows:

From an upright position, take a step forward with one foot. The hind leg is lowered until the knee reaches almost the level of the heel of the front foot. In this position, the knees of both legs should form an angle approximately equal to 90 degrees. The weight is taken by the heel of the foot, which is in front. The second part of the movement is straightening to the starting position by unfolding the knees. Then the exercise is repeated with the other leg. The back and chest should be straight at all times.

There are also several types of attacks, including:

  • Attacks in countries
  • Walking attacks
  • Bounce attacks
  • Reverse attacks
  • Attacks with weights


Abdominal presses are one of the most commonly practiced exercises for burning fat and building muscle mass in the abdomen. They mainly load the rectus abdominis muscles, but the flexors in the hip joints, the oblique abdominal muscles and the quadriceps are also involved in the movement.

Ordinary abdominal presses are performed from a lying position, with outstretched legs or bent at the knees. The hands are behind the nape. Take in some air when lifting the torso until you reach a vertical position. Then exhale and slowly lower the torso to the starting position. The movement is repeated until the required number is reached.

There are many types of abdominal presses. Among them are:

  • Horizontal abdominal presses
  • Abdominal presses at an incline down / up
  • Bicycle abdominal presses
  • Abdominal presses with a ball
  • Abdominal presses with outstretched arms and legs
  • According to the amplitude – full and partial abdominal presses


Jumping, or so-called “high knees”, is a very intense exercise that helps burn calories and improve endurance. They are very effective for tightening and shaping the muscles of the legs.

The jumps imitate running, only on the spot, with the knees raised as much as possible.

Varieties of jumps are the following exercises:

  • Jumping on one leg
  • Jumping rope
  • Jump star
  • Side jumps


In recent years, exercise has become popular in fitness circles as a quick and effective way to lose weight and gain muscle mass. It mainly loads the abdominal muscles and the lower back, but also works on the shoulders, chest, triceps, back and legs.

The starting position for the plank is from lying on the ground on your stomach. The whole body is raised, leaving the legs supported only on the toes and the upper part on the arms bent at the elbows below 90 degrees. He stays in this position for as long as possible. The back and abdominal muscles should be tight at all times and the body stretched like a string.

Some of the varieties of plank are:

  • High plank (arms outstretched)
  • Side plank
  • Base plank with only 2 support points – 1 leg and 1 arm
  • Plank with lifting of 1 leg
  • Plank by jumping to the side
  • Plank with rotation from one side to another


Burpy is a very effective complex exercise, combining plank, push-ups, squats and jumps in one. In the full version of the exercise, these four poses are performed in sequential order.

Burpyt mainly loads the arms, chest, quadriceps, gluteus and abdominal muscles, but the movements are also supported by other muscle groups in the body. According to experts, it is one of the most effective exercises for losing weight and speeding up metabolism.

More advanced fitness enthusiasts can also try some of the varieties of burpee:

  • Burp on one hand
  • Double burpee (each part of the exercise is repeated twice)
  • Burps with push-ups

Mountain climber

Mountain climbing is also a complex exercise. It puts a strain on the whole body and is a great way to burn a lot of calories. It is often used to improve endurance, balance and coordination.

By way of execution the exercise is a dynamic plank:

The starting position is a plank, from which the legs move to the chest – dynamically and consistently one after the other. The load falls mainly on the oblique abdominal muscles, pelvis and calves.

Apart from the correct performance, the effectiveness of the exercises with your own weight also depends on their correct combination and gradual upgrading in number of series and repetitions.

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