Shoulder Training – Mistakes and Solutions for Optimal Results

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The best shoulder workout can be very different depending on your purpose and experience.

If you imitate other people instead of training as is best for you, you will waste a lot of time and work harder than you should for more insignificant results than you could have.

Instead, if you follow the simple tips and strategies in this article you will be able to develop and sculpt more easily the impressive shoulders you want, in less time and without unnecessary torment.

Shoulder Training for Beginners

Here is a totally inappropriate example found among the first results on Google. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

Pushed from the shoulders with the dumbbell 4 x 10-12

Pushed from the shoulders with 3 x 12 dumbbells

Side lifts with 4 x 12-14 dumbbells

Side lifts on 3 x 12 pulleys

Front lifts 3 x 10-12

Lateral lifts with 4 x 12-14 bent dumbbells

As a beginner it makes no sense to do so many shoulder exercises in the same session.

If you start directly with a workout like the one above you will miss a precious opportunity.

As you still don’t need that much stimulus, you could take advantage of this time to increase your frequency and develop more muscle mass in less time.

As the front of the shoulders enters all the pushing movements and the back part in all the pulling movements, in the first months of training you don’t even need isolation exercises for the shoulders.

In your case, a complete training for the shoulders does not take place in a single day but during the days of the week, reaching to increase even 2 or 3 times more in muscle mass during this time compared to what most guys do. .

Depending on how many days a week you want to train, use the following article to choose a division into groups and days that suits you best…

Then, rely on compound push-up exercises (such as push-up, chest push-up, parallel push-ups, and more) and compound pull-up exercises (such as pull-ups, rowing, and more)

And you will be able to grow much faster and more impressive than through an absurd workout like the one above.

Shoulder Training for Intermediate and Advanced

As your muscles grow, you will need more and more stimulus to continue to develop them.

But that doesn’t mean you have to switch to a classic division into groups and days. No way. Maybe only if you are a top bodybuilder who uses external substances.

I know a lot of guys who look out of the ordinary muscular and defined, some of whom have taken quite high places in national bodybuilding and fitness competitions, without doping, and some do not train in groups and days as yet see most of the guys in the room.

Instead of “Monday chest, Tuesday back…”, dividing your body into 2 or 3 sessions per week will allow you to get results 2 times or at least 1.5 times better in the same time frame.

Here is a concrete example of complete shoulder training integrated into a well-balanced program:


The shoulders are automatically trained in compound movements used as the “base” of the day:

  • Pushed from the chest – brings significant stimulus to the front of the shoulders (in addition to the chest, triceps and other muscle groups).
  • Ramat – brings significant stimulus to the back of the shoulders (in addition to the back, upper back and other muscle groups).

In addition, an extra stimulus can be brought for example by:

  • Pushed above the head with dumbbells – works especially the front and side of the shoulders
  • Face-Pull – works especially the back and side of the shoulders


The shoulders are automatically trained in compound movements used as the “base” of the day:

  • Pushed above the head – brings significant stimulus to the front of the shoulders as well as the side (in addition to the upper chest, triceps and other muscle groups)
  • Traction – brings significant stimulus to the back of the shoulders (in addition to the back, upper back and other muscle groups).

In addition, an extra stimulus can be brought for example by:

  • Side fluttering – works especially the side
  • Bending butterflies – works especially the back

Note: In the following article you can find a list of the best shoulder exercises.

Such a training will allow you a double stimulus and as an intermediary, helping you to grow 2x more than through a classic program.

And if you do the exercises optimally, focusing on the mind-muscle connection and the “intention” of the movement, you can be sure that it will work amazingly for you. Even if you have been training for years and you are used to many more exercises (which are not really worth the investment).

A training program similar to the one above is exactly what I describe step by step in the “Secrets of Muscle Mass” system. Thus, over 3-5 months (depending on how advanced you are) the smart exercise plan in this unique system will help you grow amazingly faster in muscle mass than any other.

Training for Shoulders and Trapezius, Chest, Triceps and Other Muscle Groups

Almost all shoulder exercises involve more or less different parts of the trapezius. It is inevitable, because the trapezius moves and stabilizes the shoulder blades that are the base of the arms.

Also, as I said before:

  • the front of the shoulders is significantly involved in all pushing movements along the chest and triceps
  • the back is significantly involved in all pulling movements along with the back, upper back (trapezius, rhomboids, etc.) and biceps
  • and the lateral part can be more or less involved in both depending on the rotation of the arm.

Therefore, the shoulders can be successfully trained in several combinations.


You can choose to train them on the same day as the chest. However, they are stimulated by the pushing movements, and if you are not a beginner, it would make sense to add another stimulus through a specific exercise. You could also stimulate the development of their back on the same day. Alternatively you can choose to train them with your back or other muscle groups.

The only mistake would be to train them rarely with a lot of exercises (as many guys in the gym do) if you are not already a bodybuilder with years of experience. In some cases, even then, it wouldn’t make sense to do that.

If you are looking for a workout that can bring you the best results, don’t start by thinking about “groups” but about the division you use.

And if you want to be sure that you do everything as well as you can, use a program already made as intelligent as possible and proven to work excellently.

Shoulder Training for Definition

Muscle tissue itself does not have a quality called “defined”.

The definition is given by a layer of reduced fat above the muscle.

And since you can’t influence where your body burns fat at all, there are no exercises or workouts to define your shoulders.

In the past it was believed that if you do more repetitions you “define yourself”.

Therefore, you could find outdated articles or who-knows-what instructor (who has not learned much) who recommends a “shoulder training” in which you do about the same exercises but for more repetitions in series.

My recommendation is not to waste your time with such ideas.

Nutrition and the total number of calories burned through training (both directly and indirectly through the effect of COPD) are what will bring you more defined shoulders.

There are definition workouts (fat burning) that contain shoulder exercises but that’s another story. Whether you decide to do shoulder exercises during metabolic conditioning workouts (which burn the most fat) or not, it will not make a significant difference in defining them.

On the contrary, if you start doing a lot of repetitions of isolation movements for the shoulders or you base your HIIITs on them, you will torment yourself a little because you will not burn nearly as many calories as you could using exercises. compounds that move a lot of large muscle groups.

Training for Shoulders Home -you- at the Hall

The main difference between training your shoulders at home and at the gym is the chosen exercises.

The truth is that you do not necessarily need devices or pulleys to fully train your shoulders. Although it would be simpler that way, you can use exercises instead that position your body differently in space and allow you to put more emphasis on muscles at other lengths with the help of free weights.

If you are not sure what I mean, watch the following video to see how to choose different exercises so that you can take advantage of all 3 mechanisms of muscle mass growth.

Basically, if you have at least one pair of dumbbells you can do the best shoulder exercises (or a close enough one) at home.

On the other hand, if you want to train your shoulders at home only with body weight without even investing in a pair of dumbbells, then you will have to:

  • You rely on vertical floats, gradually increasing the angle from “pike floats” to “standing floats” as you become stronger.
  • Do tractions and rest to effectively develop the back of your shoulders. And if this is not possible, use at least one elastic band to mimic “Face Pull” movements.

This is the minimum you need.

In addition, you can try “Shoulder Plank” and other exercises to further stimulate the hypertrophy of the side.

When you get more advanced and want a more impressive look for the side, you will have to use at least some bottles or water cans to do Side Butterflies and other exercises, but it is better to invest in a pair of adjustable dumbbells.

Now, if you are a beginner and want to train at home as efficiently as possible ONLY with your body weight, I recommend the “Find out” program.

If you are not a beginner or you have at least two adjustable dumbbells, we have prepared two special guides in addition to the main training in the “Muscle Mass Secrets” system that I recommend.

Shoulder Training for Girls and Women

Shoulder exercises for girls and women are the same as for men.

If the goal is only definition, then it is best to use exercises composed of works and shoulders, organized in a routine as intelligent as possible by HIIT or other forms of metabolic conditioning.

If you want to develop your muscles to highlight the attractive shape of your shoulders, then the division of the training program is the same as for men. The more beginner you are, the better results you will have with fewer exercises per session, but with a higher frequency of the stimulus. Then as you progress and grow in strength, it is worth adding isolation exercises.

As for the number of repetitions, it doesn’t make sense to do a lot of them with low weights as other women can see in the gym on YouTube. Indeed, top coaches recommend more repetitions and series for women, but only 3-5 more than men and 1 maximum 2 extra series in most cases.

However, given that there are several types of muscle fibers, it will make sense to do a variety of sets and repetitions. Both 3-5 repetitions for compound movements, and 12-15 for isolation movements, and others in between.

The best training programs for girls and women can be found on FemeiaFit.ro. Depending on where you train, I recommend using either “Fit Forms at Home” or “Fit Forms at the Hall”.

In conclusion, the best shoulder training depends on your level and your needs…

… And in most cases it does not exist on its own but as part of a complete training program.

This will bring you much faster and more impressive results than a simple series of shoulder exercises.

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