Proper post-workout Nutrition: What you Can and Can’t do

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Post-workout Nutrition According to Training

Eating after a workout? This question is certainly of interest to anyone working to build a healthier body. There is no lack of information on this topic – what foods can be consumed after a workout is one of the most discussed topics on the Internet around the world. Among the huge amount of material for proper recovery after a workout, it is extremely difficult to extract really useful information. Some say that carbohydrates are taken after a workout, others advise protein, as well as post-workout water – usually a separate topic. Here we have listed the most important information you need to know about post-workout nutrition and you will not need any other reading.

How Important is Proper post-workout Nutrition?

Eating after a workout for weight loss or vice versa – for weight gain is very important because it has the most direct impact on the end result. It should be noted that during aerobic and anaerobic exercise, almost identical processes occur in the body – the body falls into a catabolic state, hormonal changes are intensified, metabolism is accelerated, muscle fibers are broken down. That is why proper post-workout nutrition is almost the same in both cases, but not quite.

Nutrition after Strength Training:

Eating after weight training must include foods that are high in carbohydrates – this is necessary to restore glycogen in the muscle. Failure to comply with this requirement leads to the fact that the body begins to burn fat and muscle. So remember: post-workout carbs are very important.

How long after a workout can you eat?

Approximately 30 minutes after the end of training, the so-called “carbohydrate window” opens. At this time, the body begins to “consume” carbohydrates with special activity (3-4 times faster than normal). Then, after a workout, you should eat high-carbohydrate, low-fat foods.

What and how to eat after a workout to gain weight and muscle mass?

As you have learned, post-workout nutrition should consist mostly of foods high in carbohydrates. Excellent grains with a lot of fiber are buckwheat, oats, barley, edamame. Other suitable foods are bananas, raisins, rice, pasta, black bread, oatmeal.

In addition to carbohydrates, proper post-workout nutrition should include protein products. Not suitable are oily fish, eggs, chicken, white cheese, cottage cheese, cottage cheese.

If you want to drink supplements after training, shake protein or, even better, gainer are suitable.

Nutrition after Aerobic Exercise:

Eating after a weight loss workout is different from eating after a weight training session.

How long after a workout can you eat?

To increase the effect of exercise, do NOT eat within 1-2 hours after exercise. But this only applies to food – after a workout, you can drink water in unlimited quantities.

What can I eat after a weight loss workout?

After 1-2 hours it is necessary to eat protein products. The best food after a weight loss workout is as follows (ranked “best”):

1. Skimmed cottage cheese;
2. Egg whites;
3. Not oily fish;
4. Boiled chicken breasts;
5. Boiled squid;

Apart from protein foods, you can afford to eat any vegetables after a workout.

Recovery after a workout is extremely important, and food is the main tool for this process. When we train, we actually do only 30-40% of the work that needs to be done for good results. Judge for yourself the remaining 60-70% of the work where it needs to be done.

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