Nutritional Supplements for Larger Muscles

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Many men who go to the gym want to achieve great results in a short time. However, the formation of massive muscle mass and relief is not achieved in a month, two, three usually to achieve a well-shaped body takes years. Professional bodybuilders to achieve the form in which they are now began 4-5 years ago.

Massive Muscles

Massive muscles and well-defined relief are achieved only with heavy sweating in the gym. For greater strength, we recommend using free weights. A very important part of shaping the relief and muscle mass is the right diet. By diet do not mean deprivation of food, but restriction of certain foods such as patties, waffles, etc., but of course if your goal is to gain weight, high-carbohydrate sources are useful.

When Should I start with Supplements?

Nutritional supplements are useful for active athletes, they help restore the proper amino acid balance in the body, help restore strength and last but not least supply the body with the necessary protein for muscle growth.

It is good for the first 1-2 months to rely on proper nutrition and exercise. Once you have prepared your body, after the initial stress has passed, then you can tell it that you want it to start growing. Therefore, we recommend taking nutritional supplements at least from the third month.

Nutritional Supplements or Chemistry for Large Muscles

We are fans of natural male muscles that are preserved for a long time. Chemicals (steroids) stimulate hormonal changes that lead to the release of more testosterone, lead to morphological changes, and much of the research shows that steroids are carcinogenic. Another very big disadvantage of steroids is that when you stop taking them, the swelling of the muscles decreases within a month or two, even if you train, and hot subcutaneous fat appears in the place of the muscles. Maybe you have seen these boys for 3 months healthy, and then relaxed and fat.

Therefore, we strongly recommend the use of food supplements. The most commonly used are amino acids, protein, nitrogen boosters, creatine.

Amino acids – a Food Supplement

As you may know, proteins are made up of different amino acids. Usually advanced athletes take Simple Amino Acids, Branched Amino Acids (BCAAs), Glutamine, Arginine and Leucine. Of course, this is a combination that charges the body, but for starting bodybuilders it is not necessary to take all. We recommend that you take regular amino acids. They contain a mix of replaceable, essential and branched-chain amino acids. Most amino acids of this type are taken three times a day (3-4 pills) and taken with food.

It’s a good idea to bet on BCCA as well, these are branched-chain amino acids. The best ratio according to various studies is 2: 1: 1. The intake of branched-chain amino acids is usually recommended before training and immediately after training. They support muscle recovery and growth.

Glutamine is a very important amino acid. It is contained mainly in the muscles, about 80% is located there. During intense training, it is quickly depleted, the reduced amount of glutamine in the muscles leads to premature fatigue, and hence poor training, muscle growth slows down. It is recommended to take 5 years. glutamine before and after exercise.

Nitrogen booster – food supplement

Here many people argue whether the nitrogen booster is a food supplement, in our humble opinion, the nitrogen booster should be included in food supplements, because it introduces additional nitrogen into the body, which stimulates the release of nitric oxide, helps dilate capillaries and provides more good muscle nutrition, nitrogen booster is a pumping agent. It acts similarly to creatine, but also supports muscle growth, shapes good-looking muscles and transmits explosive power before training. It is good to drink 30-40 minutes before training. Most nitrogen boosters are usually in the form of a powder to dissolve, but tablets are not lacking.

Creatine – Inflates Muscles

Creatine is a major supplement used by bodybuilders. The main idea of ​​creatine is to get water into the muscles. It is for this reason that when using pumping substances it is good to drink plenty of water. Among the specialized literature on fitness and muscles, it is recommended to take creatine for no more than 4 weeks, as the first is good to be loading, and then take only 5 grams of creatine per day. After 4 weeks, there is a rest period.

When using nutritional supplements or other means to support physical recovery, for larger and more massive muscles, etc., it is good to consult the seller of supplements, read the labels well and most importantly, remember that whatever you take, if you don’t train hard it’s a waste of time and money!

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