Leg Day: What we need to Know about leg Training

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Let’s talk about leg training. One of the largest muscle groups in the human body is the thigh muscles or the so-called quadriceps muscles. That is why their formation requires time and effort. Every woman dreams of sculpted thighs so that she can proudly walk in the summer in short dresses or pants. On the other hand, men also strive for strong legs. In order for the body to look completely shaped, it is not only the wide back and the embossed arms that are important.

But how to achieve the perfect legs? The answer is with a lot of quality training. Below we have collected the top exercises to apply the next time you visit the fitness club. They are suitable for men and women. IMPORTANT! Consultation with a professional instructor is recommended.


Attacks are extremely useful in shaping the perfect legs. The exercise is well known to all trainees, because it is mandatory for lower body training. It can be performed in many different ways, but the most common is to take a step forward, backward or sideways, thus engaging almost all the muscles in the lower body. During the attacks, there is a greater involvement of the inner thighs and buttocks, and the middle buttock muscles are also involved to stabilize the position. The forward steps put more strain on the buttocks, and the side attacks focus on the inner thighs and the adductor muscle group.

Leg press

Push-ups are a multi-joint push-up exercise that focuses on the thigh muscles. It is used both for strength and to increase the mass of the muscles of the thighs. It is recommended for intermediate and advanced trainees, and for beginners it is good to perform in the presence of an instructor. There are versions according to the angle at which the device is, but mainly there is a version at 90 and 45 degrees. Depending on the position of your feet, you can change the focus on the part of the thighs that you want to load. The weight you train can also be adjusted to your goals.

Exercise machine for outer and Inner thighs

You can use a special machine designed for this part of the body, known as an “abductor / adductor” machine, to tighten and shape the inner thighs. This is an isolating exercise for the outer part of the thigh muscles, which is considered relatively easy because it does not require a specific technique, making it suitable for beginners and advanced. On this machine you can work to tighten both the inner thighs and the outer. All that is required is to change the directions of dissolution of the thighs. When training for the inner part, you work by gathering the legs together, and when training for the outer part – you open the legs outside. Do 3 sets of 15-20 reps for tight and sculpted thighs.


Squatting with a dumbbell or barbell, behind the neck or above the chest, is one of the main exercises that every exerciser performs in the gym. It is suitable for shaping healthy and strong legs. Squatting is a multi-joint exercise, which means that several muscle groups are trained with one exercise. In addition, it contributes to the overall posture and strength of the body.

Thigh flexion

Femoral folding machine is an isolating exercise that loads the back of the thighs. It is performed mainly for the mass of the thigh muscles due to its insulating nature. The exercise can be performed by beginners and advanced. Suitable for anyone who wants to shape the back of the thighs. It also helps the ladies to reduce cellulite.

Remember that good results require perseverance. It’s not too late to start shaping your legs so you can enjoy the short clothes in the summer without worries. And men, don’t miss leg workouts to avoid getting into a meme for missing leg day.

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