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A wonderful collection of 39 amazing keto snacks. Easy to prepare and delicious, they help ensure the success of the keto diet.

Deprivation and hunger are the enemies of any diet and the keto diet is no different. For those of us who are used to snacks, learning how to cook delicious snacks can be the difference between success and failure.

Make sure you always have a delicious breakfast, is the best insurance against the range of foods you are trying to avoid: starchy, sugary and ultra-processed foods.

Delicious and Sweet Keto

I divided this collection into two parts: delicious and sweet. As you can see, the salty part is twice as sweet. This is not accidental.

Although sweet snacks are sometimes good, they break the thin line between “appetizers” and “desserts” and I think it’s best to reduce the sweetness of the palate, even if they are low in sugar.

What are Keto Snacks Made of?

If they do not contain wheat flour or sugar, what do they contain? Scroll down and you will see: Salty snacks usually consist of one of the following ingredients or a combination of both:

. Vegetables
. eggs
. cheese
. Meat
. Almond flour
. Lubricants
. Salt and spices
. Sweet snacks are usually made from:

. Almond flour
. Coconut flour
. Dark chocolate
. fruits
. nuts
. Lubricants
. Sweeteners without sugar

Are they Useful for You?

It depends on the individual breakfast. But overall, since they’re homemade and low in carbs and don’t contain food additives or preservatives, I think they’re at least a better option than commercial snacks.

Many of the ingredients used in these snacks have health benefits (almond flour, eggs, dark chocolate, vegetables and fruits). Other ingredients, such as processed meat, are not perfect. Of course, you can avoid these special snacks if you want.

Keto Salty Snacks

These are the snacks I cook the most because I’m not sure if sweet-tasting foods are good for us, even if they aren’t sweetened with sugar. Here are my favorite low carb salty snacks.

1. Parmesan fried

I do a lot of this. They are surprisingly fresh and fragrant. They are made only with cheese (sometimes I add pepperoni or a piece of jalapeno in between) and without wheat flour to dilute its taste, they are actually better than biscuits with a high carbohydrate content.

Crispy Parmesan Crispy and amazingly delicious, these baked parmesan chips are the perfect low carb keto and snack. And they are VERY easy to make! Take a look at this recipe

2. Dried beef

This requires a little more work: finely chop the meat and then bake it in a low-temperature oven for a few hours. But they are so good! Its seasoning is phenomenal. They make a wonderful snack for lunch.

Recipe for dried beef Delicious and simple recipe for dried keto, which can be cooked in the oven. No sugar or soy sauce! Take a look at this recipe

3. Avocado fries

The first time I did that, I was amazed at how well they turned out. Baked avocado becomes wonderfully creamy and fragrant, and the spicy sauce adds a lot of flavor. This is one of my favorite keto snacks that can be prepared when I have avocados that are just right, not too strong and not overripe.

Avocado french fries Excellent creamy baked avocado potatoes covered with almond flour. Chipotle sauce is a must! Add a lot of flavor. Take a look at this recipe

4. Keto soft Pretzels

It’s amazing how good these pretzels are. The dough with a fat head is really a miracle dough. Eat them alone or dip them in a little grainy mustard. So good!

Keto Soft pretzels Keto Soft pretzels are made from a modified Fathead dough. They are delicious, chewy and make excellent snacks with low carbohydrates. Take a look at this recipe

5. Cocktail dumplings

These juicy little meatballs are so much fun to nibble on! Sometimes I just take the leftovers and eat them straight from the fridge. The sauce is really good, although I like it without it.

Cocktail Meatballs Small cocktail meatballs are the best snack! Covered with a wonderfully delicious sauce, they are simply irresistible. Take a look at this recipe

6.Chips with bacon

If you like crispy bacon, you will really like this very tasty and easy to prepare keto snack. French fries are nicely dipped in guacamole, which also helps to alleviate any regrets about eating processed meat.

Recipe for potato chips with bacon Surprisingly crispy and fragrant potato chips with bacon are perfect for guacamole, salsa or sour cream. Perfect for a game day or anytime you want something crunchy on a keto diet! Take a look at this recipe

7. Fried halloumi

This is a magical cheese that you can cook on the grill! And it’s very tasty, in a very salty way. Enjoy this alone or with keto bread.

Fried Halloumi cheese Fried Halloumi cheese is a delicacy. Golden brown, fresh appearance. Smooth and sticky interior, and surprisingly tasty aroma. This is a magical cheese that you can cook on the grill! Take a look at this recipe

8. Zucchini chips

Thinly sliced zucchini, topped with olive oil and parmesan, and baked until crispy – what do you dislike? It’s always nice to find delicious keto snacks that are also good for you.

Keto zucchini chipsBaked zucchini chips with low carbohydrates and keto. There are no breadcrumbs in this recipe: I spread zucchini chips with Parmesan cheese, and they turn out crispy and delicious. Take a look at this recipe

9. Hot pizza

Who needs a crust when they can just melt the best slices of pizza (cheese and ingredients, of course) and then scoop it all up with fresh chopped vegetables?

Keto Pizza: This easy and delicious pizza recipe gives you the perfect keto experience, free of carbs, gluten and extra calorie pizza dough. Take a look at this recipe

10. Cheesecakes

These delicious delicious cupcakes are very good. The combination of almond flour, cheese, garlic and cayenne is simply phenomenal. My only complaint is that I can’t stop after one!

Keto cheese cakes Very tasty cheese cakes are keto, low in carbohydrates and gluten free. They are ideal for breakfast with eggs and avocados or for dinner with chili peppers. Take a look at this recipe

11. Scottish eggs

This is an amazing keto snack. How fun to bite a well-seasoned meatball and find a hard-boiled egg in the middle! Plus, it’s super saturating, as you can imagine.

Baked Scotch Eggs Baked Scotch eggs combine two of my favorite keto proteins: meatballs and hard-boiled eggs. They are easy to make, portable and delicious! Take a look at this recipe

12. Macaroons

They surprised me the first time I made them because they are very close to the real thing. In fact, they are even better because almond flour tastes better than wheat.

Almond Cookies These almond cookies are better than wheat cookies! Delicious, crunchy and fragrant almond flour gives them a nutty taste and fresh texture. Take a look at this recipe

13. Eggplant chips

If you like eggplant, you will love these delicious and crunchy eggplant chips. They are delicious on their own, or try dipping them in Greek yogurt or tahini sauce.

Eggplant ChipsThese eggplant chips are the perfect, healthy snack. They are delicious, crunchy and fragrant, and will satisfy your addictions and save you from processed snacks. Take a look at this recipe

14. Stuffed eggs

This is a classic snack or appetizer, and as we are lucky, it is a legitimate keto! I make this particular version with greasy Greek yogurt, but you can use sour cream or mayonnaise instead.

Stuffed Greek Yogurt Eggs These stuffed eggs are made from Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. They are well seasoned, slightly spicy, creamy and delicious! Take a look at this recipe

15. Mini Pepper Stuffed with Pizza

Mini peppers are one of my favorite snacks. In fact, I love them raw, they are so delicious. But frying them in the oven definitely improves them, and stuffing them with unsweetened pizza sauce and cheese, well, it’s just keto nirvana!

Mini Pizza Peppers Delicious mini pizza peppers are filled with pizza sauce and mozzarella, then fried until the cheese melts and becomes bubbly. This is the perfect keto snack! Take a look at this recipe

16. Artichoke and Spinach Sauce

I wasn’t sure I wanted to publish this recipe, this failure has nothing to do with it! But the incredible creaminess and taste convinced me that I wanted to share this with you. I love collecting this with mini pepper!

Artichoke and spinach sauce Artichoke and spinach sauce are the perfect snack. Made with lots of spinach and artichokes, seasoned with garlic and parmesan, it is very tasty and very easy to prepare. Take a look at this recipe

17. Sausage Eggs Cupcakes

My daughter, a novice cook, loves to do this with me. It is a lot of fun to create cups with sausage, break an egg on them, and then watch the magic happen in the oven!

Egg muffins with sausage Delicious ketone muffins with egg are perfect for a quick breakfast on the go. Low in carbs and high in protein, they keep me full for hours! Take a look at this recipe

18. Jalapeno Poppers

This is amazing. The combination of spicy jalapeno, smoked cheddar cheese and bacon is so good! However, they are spicy, so they are served only to those who like spicy food.

Jalapeno Poppers These baked jalapenos are addictive! In this simple keto recipe, the combination of smoked bacon, spicy jalapeno and creamy cheddar is just incredible. Take a look at this recipe

19. Roasted nuts

Covered with butter, unsweetened honey or maple syrup and a pinch of smoked paprika (yes!) And roasted in the oven, these crunchy salty roasted nuts are addictive.

Honey Roasted Walnuts Crispy, salty and sweet, these honey-roasted nuts are a great homemade gift for the hostess if you resist the temptation to polish them yourself! Take a look at this recipe

20. Salted cheese Balls

You will have a lot of fun doing this! And the combination of different cheeses and spices is very good. I also like that you can prepare them in advance and refrigerate them until they are ready to serve.

Salty Cheese Balls Delicious salty cheese balls are the perfect snack for a party, as they are prepared in advance and served at room temperature. Take a look at this recipe

21. Cabbage chips

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like cabbage. I find its thick texture and its bitter taste. So when I first made these cabbage chips, I was SO pleasantly surprised! Frying in olive oil and salt eliminates bitterness, and the texture also improves significantly. They have become one of my favorite keto snacks!

Baked cabbage chips Baked cabbage chips are the best keto snack! They are crunchy, tasty and useful for you. Take a look at this recipe

22. Keto nachos

Of course, you can have nachos on a keto diet! Just replace the tortillas with manes. How simple! And so delicious.

Keto-nachos from pork skin Keto-nachos gives you the opportunity to enjoy delicious nachos with low carbohydrates. Just replace the high-carbohydrate tortilla chips with crispy pork crusts. Brilliant and delicious. Take a look at this recipe

23. Salami

Intense salami flavor combined with a wonderful crunch and then dipped in a creamy sour cream sauce… yes, they are as good as they sound!

Salami chips with hot sauce: very crunchy and very tasty, these baked salami chips are wonderful in themselves; Even better to dip in a delicious spicy sour cream sauce. Take a look at this recipe

24. Baking sheet for Pizza

It’s just wonderful (if I have to say it myself): just cook the cheese and ingredients in a pan for a wonderfully crispy crispy pizza, hold the dough!

Keto Skillet Pizza Delicious pizza Keto Skillet is ready quickly and easily prepared. This is a great snack with low carbs! Take a look at this recipe

25. Garlic bread with Cheese

This delicious garlic bread is made from almond flour. Courses, oily and garlic, I don’t do this very often because I tend to lose control of it. 😳

Bread with garlic and keto: cheese, garlic and butter, this bread with garlic and keto does not contain gluten and contains few carbohydrates. Be careful, it’s addictive! Take a look at this recipe

26. Cups with Ham and Egg

These cute little cups are very easy to make and make a great portable snack. I like to cook them in advance and then eat them cold, straight from the fridge! But you can heat them in the microwave if you prefer them hot.

Ham and egg cups Ham and egg cups are perfect for breakfast. They are also good as a quick portable snack, heated or even cooled. Take a look at this recipe

27. Cheese crackers

Made from almond flour, sour cream and parmesan, these delicious cheesecakes are great on their own, and even better with rich European salted butter.

Keto-cheese crackers Delicious and fragrant keto-cheese crackers are perfect for dinner (great with chili!) Or breakfast with or without eggs. Take a look at this recipe

Sweet keto Snacks

As much as I prefer to focus on salty snacks, sometimes you crave something sweet. And when you do, it’s better to have one of these snacks than those made from refined sugar flour.

28. Chocolate chip Cookies

When you were a child, were you given chocolate chip cookies and milk for snacks after school? Many of us will not touch things today. But these wonderfully chewable keto-chocolate cookies are a much better option for those who watch their carbs.

Keto chocolate chip cookies Wonderful soft and chewy Keto chocolate chip cookies are made with the addition of almond flour and dark chocolate chips and sweetened with stevia. Take a look at this recipe

29. Strawberries stuffed with Cheesecake

It’s great to serve guests. Everyone is always delighted with them! They are so beautiful. My children love to help me make them, but when I turn to them for help, we have to do more because they keep experiencing them while we work. 😄

Strawberry with cheesecake Strawberry with cheesecake delicious and beautiful. They are the perfect dessert for dinner because you can prepare them in advance. Take a look at this recipe

30. Chocolate yogurt

This is one of my favorite afternoon snacks, although sometimes it serves as my afternoon treat. It is very easy to make and surprisingly creamy and delicious. The secret is to use wholesome Greek yogurt and high quality cocoa powder.

Chocolate Yogurt Recipe A light chocolate homemade chocolate yogurt recipe made from chocolate Greek yogurt and cocoa powder. Take a look at this recipe

31. Peanut butter Sticks

However, crossing the fine line between “keto snacks” and “desserts”, I sometimes enjoy one of them with a little keto coffee as a very good day to pick it up.

Keto Peanut Butter Bars Deep dark and tasty peanut butter bars contain keto and are low in carbohydrates. Easy recipe without baking, these gluten-free bars are made without whole grain cookies. Take a look at this recipe

32. Cups of raspberries

This is amazing. I don’t know about you, but I like the combination of fruit and chocolate. In my high carb days, my favorite chocolate was the Cadbury Fruit & Nut chocolate bar. Now I’m doing it. 🙂 Made from dark chocolate and raspberries, I find them healthy enough for a casual snack.

Raspberry chocolate cups Delicious raspberry chocolate cups are a beautiful and healthy dessert. The contrast between juicy sour fruit and sweet creamy chocolate is wonderful! Take a look at this recipe

33. Dough for keto

I can’t believe how good this cookie dough is. Or maybe I can, after all, it’s made from almond flour, and almonds are so delicious! They are really good with a cup of keto coffee or (if you drink it) with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Keto cookie dough Surprisingly tasty Keto cookie dough is made from almond flour and sweetened with stevia. My picky teen testers say it’s as good as the real ones! Take a look at this recipe

34. Apple chips

Of the 10 g of carbs and 2 g of fiber per serving, you are the only one who can decide if this keto is enough for you. But when I do it for my kids, I sometimes like a piece. It is delicious and naturally sweet.

Baked Apple Chips Exciting, sugar-free baked apple chips are slowly baked in a low oven. Your patience will be rewarded when you bite these delicious, crunchy apple chips! Take a look at this recipe

35. Bunches of coconut

Made only from dark chocolate, coconut oil and coconut flakes, these coconut clusters are ideal for a quick and tasty stimulant. The original pre-keto version was made with cornflakes, they’re really better!

Coconut clusters Delightful and decadent, these keto coconut groups are made from unsweetened coconut and dark chocolate. Take a look at this recipe

36. Cheesecake bites

You can think of them as some kind of fat bomb, only they taste like cheesecake. Love I like how easy it is to cook them, and because you can cook them in advance, you can store them in the fridge and have only one when you need a quick snack of keto.

Keto Cheesecake Bites Creamy and delicious, these keto cheesecake bites are a fun alternative to baking keto cheesecakes. Take a look at this recipe

37. Keto truffles

Another type of fat bomb is the wonderfully rich, creamy and chocolate candies. A couple of them with a cup of black coffee is keto perfection!

Chocolate Truffles with Keto To make chocolate truffles with keto, simply heat some ingredients in a silky ganache, briefly freeze the truffles and cover. Super decadent! Take a look at this recipe

38. Cups of peanut Butter

If you like Reese Peanut Butter Cups and you’re on a keto diet, I think you’ll really appreciate these deep chocolate peanut butter cups. They are “richer” than “sweet”, making them perfect for a delicious keto snack.

Cups with keto peanut butter Cups with homemade keto peanut butter are superior to commercial ones not only in ingredients but also in taste. Take a look at this recipe

39. coconut bars

These bars, made from grated coconut, coconut oil, almond oil and dark chocolate chips (without sweetener), are barely sweet, which makes them ideal as a snack.

Keto Coconut Bars An easy recipe without baking keto coconut bars, cooked without sugar. With a light touch, they are ideal for breakfast or a tasty snack. Take a look at this recipe

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