Is it difficult to follow the keto regime in the summer?

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We are sure that many of you have wondered how to continue to follow the keto regime in the summer.

Parties, barbecues and special occasions seem to have no end, and tempting foods lurk everywhere, trying to thwart our keto diet.

It seems that we could never cope with the keto regime in the summer surrounded by many temptations.

Fortunately, with a little more will and the right advice, we can get out of the trap of all the lures.

In the following lines we share why it is difficult to follow the keto regime in the summer and how to deal with temptations.

Why is it difficult to follow the keto regime in the summer?

Summer is one of the most difficult seasons to follow the keto regime, due to the temptations lurking everywhere, as already mentioned.

During the warm summer days we go out with friends to a restaurant, bar or cafe much more often. In such cases, we are surrounded by a variety of unsuitable foods and beverages for the keto regime.

We must make a wise decision and have a strong will not to succumb to temptation. With a few valuable tips, we could handle it perfectly and stay in ketosis.

The moral support of our relatives and friends also has a very strong influence on the results and the achievement of our goals.

Keto regime in the summer – how to cope?

Using our proven and easy-to-implement strategies, you will be able to make following the keto regimen much easier in the summer. Here they are:

  1. Stay hydrated

Hydration is always important, but even more so during the summer months. Dehydration and lack of electrolytes can cause extreme hunger, body aches and cramps.

Drink enough water during the day – at least 8 glasses. Put a pinch of sea salt in the water to balance the pH levels in your body. Salt replenishes electrolytes and helps with good digestion.

Add aroma and pleasant taste to the water with fresh herbs (mint) or berries. They also aid digestion.

You can also consume herbal teas and armored coffee. Always carry a bottle full of water or tea with you.

It is possible to afford a glass of red or white wine on occasions, but not every day. You should avoid consuming sweetened alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as beer.

Include summer snacks in your menu to stay hydrated and full. Examples are green leafy vegetables, berries, yogurt and more.

  1. Exercise regularly

Summer is the perfect time to start regular workouts. It’s warm, sunny and pleasant outside, so take your workouts out of the gym.

Exercise, walk in the park, run, ride a bike or swim – any activity that makes your heart beat and sweat is a great opportunity to maintain a good figure.

In addition, regular exercise helps to lose weight.

3. Be prepared for a party

As we said earlier, summer is a time for communication and many parties. This does not mean that in order to stay in keto, you will have to limit yourself to entertainment.

If you are expecting guests, make your party in keto style. Grill vegetables, prepare cauliflower salad (instead of potatoes).

Roast your favorite meat or seafood and serve with a vegetable salad.

Make a homemade keto dessert using steviol powder as a completely natural sweetener and a useful alternative to table sugar.

Steviola is easy to use as it is replaced 1: 1 with sugar in recipes.

4. Eat a varied and complete diet

Add to your daily menu a variety of vegetables suitable for the keto regime. Season them and steam, boil or bake in the oven or on the grill.

Serve as a side dish to the main course or as a light lunch or dinner.

Eat antioxidant-rich healthy berries. Suitable are raspberries, blueberries, strawberries.

Prepare with them desserts suitable for the keto regime in the summer.

Below you will find our delicious and refreshing suggestions for keto recipes for desserts, lunch and dinner.

5. Control portions

Portion control affects the amount of carbohydrates you eat, and therefore whether you stay in ketosis.

A contributing factor that can make the keto diet difficult for some people to follow is the difficulty of choosing and preparing food and drink.

Choose foods that are suitable for the keto regime. The ones you enjoy and consume with pleasure. Prepare them in a delicious way with aromatic herbs and spices.

Can we interrupt the keto regime for a while or is it not recommended?

If you eat food that is not suitable for the keto regime, this is not the end of the world. Everyone can be tempted. What you need to do is not panic or blame yourself.

The next day, just plan to return to your diet, do more exercise, drink enough water and you will return to ketosis in no time.

Gluten and dairy products take longer to digest and start fresh again with the keto regimen.

Better choose some good seasonal fruits or gluten-free sweets. They may be high in carbohydrates, but they can be easily burned.

If you plan to eat off-mode food, instead of eating a cheeseburger, drinking a sweet cocktail and dessert, choose only one or two of these options.

By focusing on just one treat, you are less likely to tip the scales in an unhealthy direction, such as excessive consumption and interruption of the keto regimen.

How to deal with the temptations of following the keto regime in the summer?

Summer always tempts us with lots of pastries, ice cream, cakes and ice cold drinks, but they are always full of sugars.

So the only solution we have left is to prepare them at home with the right low-carb products.

It may take a few minutes, but in the long run it will be cheaper and much healthier and more suitable for the keto regimen.

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