Immunity and Diet

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Is there a magic pill to strengthen the immune system, how many vegetables should you eat each day and why blackcurrant is more useful than lemon? But first the most important thing.

Eat according to the rules

There are three important nuances that everyone should know. Do you want strong immunity? Follow the rules!

Be Constant

None of the useful products has an instant effect. Are you one of those to whom a lemon has helped get rid of a cold in three days? We will disappoint you – just this time your immune system has dealt with the problem in time!

Healthy eating habits lead to noticeable changes in your general condition only when they become habits. Bring them into your life steadily and for a long time!

Provide Normal Intestinal Microflora

Coarse plant fibers will help you. Eat at least 400-600 g of vegetables and leafy greens daily.

Fruits are also useful, but they contain a large amount of fructose, which is also sugar. Today, with so much added sugar in all foods, the balance between slowly digestible and easily digestible carbohydrates is severely disturbed.

Fruits are necessary and important, but only with enough vegetables and leafy greens!

Comply with Nutritional Restrictions

Our usual alternatives to plant foods are fast carbs and lots of red meat. By first replacing lettuce with a hamburger, you deprive your body of food that is good for your intestinal microflora. As a result, the amount of the latter decreases sharply. Its place is taken by other bacteria that have never been useful, but only parasitize on undegraded protein and fat residues. And light carbs are the best bait for fungi and parasites, don’t you?

What is all this for?

Do you remember where the “training base” of the cells of the immune system is? In the intestines. It is there, in normal mode, that they acquire skills that they can then use “in battle”. It is true that successful training requires appropriate conditions. These are the conditions created by the normal microflora.

If beneficial microorganisms are replaced by other, foreign and harmful ones, the cells of the immune system are forced to take part in a battle without preparation, without having time to gain experience and mature. Such military conflicts lead to prolonged inflammatory processes. This weakens the local and general immunity and can lead to serious diseases.

In autoimmune diseases, the cells of the immune system stop distinguishing between “friends” and “strangers.” In oncological diseases, the cells themselves acquire pathological changes and are not destroyed by the immune system in time.

Agree that this is no longer a common cold!

Top 25 Healthy foods


The well-known flagship in the fight against colds. But few people know that much more vitamin C is found in grapefruits, kiwis, blackcurrants, red peppers and sauerkraut.

Garlic, Honey, Ginger and Cranberries.

They are traditionally used in the cold seasons to strengthen health.

Other vitamins and minerals are needed to strengthen the immune system: A, E, zinc.

Liver, Yolks and Butter

These animal products contain vitamin A.

Carrots, Spinach, Parsley and Celery

They are converted into vitamin A directly in the body.

Vegetable Oils and Nuts

They are rich in vitamin E.

Wheat Germ, Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame and Cedar Nuts

They contain large amounts of zinc.

Of course, many other micronutrients are needed for the normal functioning of the immune system. The challenge for today is to replace the excess sandwich with vegetables and leafy greens. We’re starting!

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