How to Gain Muscle Mass Quickly

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Almost all beginners in the gym ask the question: how can you quickly pump up your muscles? Let’s explain how. The main thing is to clearly follow the plan: do not miss training, follow the regime and nutrition, exercise regularly, follow the recommendations of the coach.

You will be able to work harder and gain muscle mass and weight quickly, even if you naturally have an asthenic physique. We offer proven ways to increase lean muscle mass – it’s harder than just gaining weight due to fat, but much more effective for further growth.

How to Pump up The Muscles in a Short Term

1- Frequent and high-calorie diet

To increase muscle mass – do not starve. Meals should be regular and frequent, the maximum interval – 3 hours. Breakfast is mandatory, and it can be liquid, for example, in the form of a cocktail.

When you miss a meal, the body increases the effect of cortisol, which destroys muscle tissue and nullifies all efforts in the gym. At the same time it is necessary to increase the total daily caloric intake. To gain muscle mass, most bodybuilders recommend at least 40 kilocalories per kilogram of body weight.

The main principle is to consume more calories than you spend. If you have so far gained 25 kilocalories per kilogram, start gradually increasing this level. For example, if you weigh 80 kilograms and get 2,000 kilocalories a day, you need to systematically increase your caloric intake by 200-400 kilocalories each week until it reaches 3,200.

2- Gradual changes

Slow movement to the goal is better than fast. To any stress or abrupt change, the body responds with compensatory reactions that can nullify all efforts. It takes time to switch to a new diet, increase calories or change your workout. To succeed, act gradually. Continuous progress, even slow, will sooner or later lead to the goal.

Are you gaining or losing weight – avoid “shock therapy”. Use special programs for beginners – they are painted diet, optimal loads and recommendations for recovery. Avoid sharp “swings” in food. If you feel that the fat layer is growing instead of muscle, change the quality, not the amount of food.

3- Food diary

This condition is one of the main to gain weight through muscle mass. With a nutrition diary you get a powerful tool for motivation and self-control. It is necessary to write down everything without exception. Comparing the dynamics of the mass, assessing its quality, the thickness of the fat layer, you can immediately adjust the diet. When a layer of fat appears, the daily caloric content should be reduced by 100-200 kcal.

4- Do not Train in a State of Hunger

Training hungry is ineffective. The best option is slow carbs two hours before training. If there is no time, they can be replaced with gainer and protein. When the body lacks energy, in a state of stress it takes it from the muscles. As a result, the volume of muscle tissue after strenuous work only decreases, and this is not our goal.

5- Dose the Cardio Load

Too much cardio burns fat, but at the same time inhibits the growth of muscle mass. Since it is impossible to gain weight quickly without increasing the caloric content of food, it is necessary to monitor the balance of cardio and incoming calories. Optimal load – 15-20 minutes of running, jumping rope or aerobics.

It is not necessary to refuse cardio trainings at all – in moderate quantities they prevent obesity, accelerate metabolic processes and stimulate appetite. Three moderate cardio workouts a week will strengthen the heart muscle, improve oxygen and nutrient intake, increase overall tone and speed of recovery.

6- Quality of Calories

Choose foods that are high in protein and slow carbs, with minimal fat and sugar. Buckwheat porridge with chicken or fish is preferable to a huge number of calories from sweet, fatty dishes.

The list of useful products: vegetables, eggs, turkey meat, chicken, beef, fish, cottage cheese, buckwheat and oatmeal, nuts. Mashed potatoes, rice, dried fruits, steaks are definitely better in terms of calorie quality than white bread or carrot salad. It is worth giving up foods that create the effect of false satiety: popcorn, bran, low-calorie soups, bread.

7- Serving Volume and Liquid Calories

If your goal at the moment is to pump, double the usual portion size. This rule also applies to protein shakes, if you prefer their “solid” food. Such cocktails are prepared with milk, cottage cheese, banana, oatmeal and honey. Add caloric ingredients that can be consumed in liquid form to the cocktail: for example, edible coconut or nut oil, milk powder, fruit, yogurt.

Adjust the portion size depending on the results – the normal increase in muscle mass should be 3 kg per month. Faster growth indicates that the fat layer is increasing at the same time.

8- The Volume of Utensils

Psychological technique, well known to nutritionists. Only in our case, home utensils should be more. Try to feel your body, its ability to digest a large amount at the moment. You can crush food, for example, after a while to eat the second part of the portion.

9- Gainers after Training

Protein and amino acid complexes are mentioned in all programs with recommendations for gaining muscle mass without exception. Properly drink a cocktail of gainers after each workout – within 30 minutes after a load in the gym. In addition to proteins, they contain carbohydrates, accelerate recovery and do not allow the body to compensate for energy expenditure through its own muscles.

10- Sleep and Rest

The body needs to be allowed to recover. If you are naturally ectomorphic, then your body needs more rest – sleep, self-training, if anxiety increases, a short day’s rest lasting 20-30 minutes. During active training, sleep at least 8-9 hours. During sleep, 80% of the daily amount of growth hormone is produced.

11- Choose Basic Exercises

Aim for big goals, your task is to work the whole body, build muscle, and then work with it and improve locally. Therefore, the basic exercises are in the foreground. Gaining muscle mass is faster and the result is more stable than when performing local exercises for the press or back.

Types of Exercises

These exercises are divided into two main groups:

1- Multi-joint. With a barbell, dumbbells, own weight.
2- Insulating. On simulators and blocks.
With the help of basic exercises, you form the basis for the growth of muscle mass, and then hone the relief details. And here at once to be engaged on exercise machines, without gaining at first sufficient volume of muscular weight it is inefficient. It is important to lay the foundation, form a proportional muscular corset, and then work out the individual muscles for a beautiful relief.

Multi-joint exercises involve several joints and a large number of muscles. They help increase the main indicator of strength development – the weight that the athlete is able to lift. When working with several muscle groups in the body, growth processes are sharply stimulated. Bench press is more effective than triceps, push-ups and squats than fanatically pumping your legs or back on exercise machines.

Benefits of basic exercises for men:

Complex development of the whole array of muscles.
Consumption of calories is more than when exercising.
Running the supercompensation effect.
Increased concentration of testosterone, growth hormone, endorphins.
Systematic increase of load and increase of weights.
Acceleration of metabolic processes, increase of working capacity and potency.
At each workout, set aside time for the following basic exercises:


– Increase leg strength.
– Form the volume of body muscles.
– Increase the content of growth hormone in the blood by 8 units.
– Dramatically increase the concentration of anabolic hormones.
– Develop the muscles of the pectoralis major, deltoid, gluteal, broad lateral, leading and other groups.

Estate Thrust

-Increases the content of growth hormone in the blood by 5 units.
-Strengthens and develops back muscles.
-Develops coordination.
-Increases endurance.
-Develops a large number of muscles.

Press Lying Down

-Shakes the shoulders, gives them a harmonious shape.
-Strengthens and builds large pectoral and widest back muscles.
-Increases the volume of triceps and biceps.
-Works the front delta and flexors.
Trains the anterior dentate and rectus abdominis muscles.
Pull-ups, army press, lifting the barbell on the chest are useful for the formation of muscle mass. Exercises help to pump quickly, involve many muscle groups at once. Some athletes install a horizontal bar for pull-ups at home – this is a great addition to the classes in the gym. Once the base is built, you can add isolation exercises aimed at a specific muscle group.

The main thing to remember and what bodybuilders mention in their tips is that body building does not stop after you leave the gym. The body works continuously, and you need to create all the conditions for it to increase anabolism and slow down catabolic processes. Adequate nutrition, proportionate to the load of calories, quality rest, peace of mind and clear goals – that’s what will help to get results in a short period.

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