How to do with a fitness Band: a set of Exercises for Different Muscle

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A beautiful, toned body is a dream of many men and women, but it is difficult to realize without the right set of exercises. Ideally, training should combine strength and aerobic training. And if there are no problems with performing aerobic exercises at home, then you need special equipment for strength training. These are usually bulky and heavy devices that take up a lot of space and the thought of training disappears from the mere thought that you need to get them. But there is a way out – it’s a special fitness rubber band. By performing simple exercises with this product, we provide our body with additional resistance. As a result, muscles work better and faster. This simple strength training can be performed both at home and at work, during breaks. Fitness with an elastic band for women is especially popular, but such exercises are also useful for the strong half of humanity.

Why Elastic Bands are Good for Fitness

This is a very simple, inexpensive and easy equipment for many sets of exercises. Takes up less space than dumbbells and easily fits on any shelf. At the same time the fitness elastic band will help to work out all groups of muscles, to make a body more flexible, and a gait smooth. There are exercises with a fitness band for the buttocks, legs, abdomen, arms and back. Thus, it is possible to work out almost all muscle groups. Despite the seeming simplicity and simplicity of the exercises, performing them will have to sweat a lot. But the main thing is to perform sports elements correctly so as not to injure yourself. What is this sports projectile? The fitness rubber band is a moderately wide elastic colored latex tape. It was invented to perform restorative exercises in medical institutions – for the elderly and those who have suffered serious injuries. The strong elastic tape practically does not cause injuries when performing exercises with it. It creates a soft resistance to the muscles, putting minimal strain on the joints and ligaments of the legs and arms. The fitness rubber band has several levels of resistance, so it is easy to adjust the load on your own during training, gradually increasing it. It is very easy to change the level of resistance – it is enough to fold a fitness rubber band several times. Therefore, it can be practiced by beginners in the gym, and regulars of the gym. Exercises with an elastic band for fitness are also good in that it evenly distributes the load over the entire trajectory of tension. The material is constantly stretched, so no muscle relaxes at any point until the exercise is over. During the exercise there is no inertia in the movements, unlike, for example, a barbell or dumbbells. To avoid injuries, you need to exercise with a fitness band, carefully focusing on the muscles. It is important that the exercises with fitness rubber bands at home are varied. Muscles quickly get used to certain loads and the same movements. As a result, the effectiveness of the exercises decreases. Therefore, periodically in your set of exercises with a fitness band you need to include more and more new elements.

Fitness rubber band at home

When we exercise on exercise machines, our arms and legs move along the same trajectory. In classes with rubber bands for fitness, the trajectory of the limbs can be any: forward, backward, straight, at an angle or inclined. Due to this, muscles are developed that are rarely or practically not used when performing other strength exercises. Fitness band can diversify and increase the effectiveness of other strength training, such as dumbbells.

This sports projectile is ideal for Pilates or stretching. Fitness rubber band will allow you to load additional muscle groups and increase the amplitude of movements. Due to the weak effect on the joints, such exercises are also as safe as possible. Therefore, fitness with rubber bands is popular among women after childbirth, when it is not yet possible to perform exercises with weights. But you can train with sports tapes only with the permission of a doctor.

Another plus of training with a rubber band for fitness is the simplicity of sports elements. It is not necessary to learn new sets of exercises, it is enough to make elementary:

– Raising hands to the sides
– Lifting the biceps
– Vertical press on the shoulders
– Swing upside down
The fitness rubber band differs from the expander by the lack of handles, so it is more versatile. When performing exercises, you can use any grip, fold several times, at its discretion, increasing the force of tension, and hence the load on the muscles. Also, this sports projectile can be tied with a ring around the legs or arms.

Elastics for fitness are very cheap – in the range of 200-500 rubles, depending on the density. Therefore it is possible to afford several elastic tapes of different density at once. Few sports shells can boast of such an advantage.

Varieties of Fitness Rubber Bands

This sports projectile has several names. Western “Latex Band”, “Mini Band”, “Resistance band”, you need to remember if you are going to buy a fitness band on foreign sites. Fitness rubber bands can be divided into three types:

Elastic band – a classic elastic band for fitness, designed for a variety of workouts. They differ in levels of elasticity, so that people with different physical shape can find “their” option, and subsequently increase the load. Each level of elasticity has its own color. But the shades are not universal for fitness bands of different brands. Each manufacturer can develop the color scheme on a gradation of elasticity of an elastic tape. In the standard version, the fitness elastic of minimal elasticity is made in yellow. For medium-level loads, green and red elastic bands are produced, and blue, purple and lilac elastic bands are as elastic as possible. When choosing a fitness rubber band, do not focus only on the color of the product: read the level of elasticity of the product on the package. The optimal length of the rubber band for fitness is at least 120 cm. The longer the rubber band, the more various exercises can be performed with this projectile. The standard width of the product is 15-20 cm
The fitness ring is also an elastic band, but much shorter and sealed in a circle. It is especially convenient for performance of power exercises on arms and legs. The fitness ring is effective in combating fat deposits on the thighs and buttocks. This projectile has a narrower application, in contrast to the elastic band. Therefore, if there are funds for any one type of fitness band, choose an elastic band. If necessary, it can be used as a fitness ring
Tubular expander. Unlike the elastic band at the ends it has handles, thanks to which the projectile is easier to control. The ends of the tape do not rub the palms and do not slip out of them. But because of the handles, the range of applications of the tubular expander is narrower than the elastic bands for fitness. Used mainly in strength training

How to do With a Fitness Rubber Band

Exercises with rubber bands for fitness are strength, so it is important to monitor your diet, making it as high quality and balanced.

When performing exercises, it is extremely important to follow the correct breathing. On the exhale, stretch the rubber band, and on the inhale – squeeze. Tasks must be performed carefully and focused. Take your time and make sure that the fitness rubber band does not bounce off or injure you. When performing the exercise, fixing the elastic band with your foot, make sure that it is exactly in the center of the foot. So the minimum probability of jumping of an elastic band for fitness.

Before each workout with a fitness band, do a warm-up. This can be an easy run on the spot, rotation of the hoop, etc. It takes about 20 minutes to warm up to warm up and prepare the muscles. When the body is a little sweaty, you can move on to the main exercises with a fitness band.

Monitor the condition of the tape: in the initial position it should be slightly stretched. When performing the exercise, the fitness band should be kept in a stretched position, creating resistance to the body. If you make a mistake and buy a projectile that is too long, just fold it in half.

Exercises on The Press With a Rubber Band for Fitness

Take the starting position, getting up on the floor and placing your feet shoulder-width apart, stretch your arms up with a stretched rubber band
Take the right leg back, while turning the body to the left, straining the press as much as possible
Now take back the left leg, turning the body to the right
Do not forget to pull the rubber band well with your hands raised
Perform 25 repetitions in each direction

The following exercise:

Sit on the floor with your hands back and resting on the floor
Place your feet on the fitness rubber band, fixing its ends with your hands
Slowly lift your legs up, trying to keep them as straight as possible
Remember that the rubber band must be stretched at this time
Perform 20 repetitions

Exercise for simultaneous work of muscles of a press and hands:

Sitting on the floor, put your hands forward, pulling the rubber band to yourself, performing actions that mimic rowing
Do not forget to tense the muscles of the press
Do at least 15 reps

Exercises with a Fitness Rubber Band for the Thighs and Buttocks

This set of exercises is best done with a fitness ring. But in case of its absence, it is possible to use also the elastic tape folded in a circle. Place the rubber band ring on your feet, at the level of the kneecaps, with your feet shoulder-width apart and on tiptoe. Start squatting slightly and stepping forward, pulling the rubber band well. Do the exercise for three minutes. so that they are located in the center of the ring. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and lift your legs bent at the knees, pulling the elastic band. Thus, you make walking movements that need to be done for at least 2 minutes.

Let’s move on to the connecting exercise:

We lie on the floor, on our stomachs
Bend your arms and place them under your shoulders
Fitness band in the form of a ring is placed on the legs, just above the kneecaps
In turn, lift each leg, stretching the elastic projectile
Do 20 repetitions of each leg
Starting with 4 leg raises, fix them at the top, lingering for a few seconds. In this way the gluteal muscles are worked out as much as possible

There is a light version of this exercise with a fitness rubber band to lose weight buttocks: lift up not straight legs, but slightly bending at the knees

Another leg exercise:

Starting position: on all fours
We have an elastic ring just above the knees
We take aside one or the other leg

Exercise for the inner thighs:

We fall to the floor and lie on our side
We lower an elastic band on ankles
Raise up a straight leg, stretching the projectile-ring as much as possible
Do 20 repetitions of each leg

Exercises with a Fitness Rubber Band for Arms and Back

To strengthen the muscles of the back and arms, do the following exercise:

Take the starting position, standing up straight and placing your feet shoulder-width apart
We take a fitness rubber band in our hands and wind them behind our backs, placing one limb on top and the other at waist level.
Raise both bent arms to the shoulders, winding them behind the head
Stretch the rubber band, placing your hands in different directions
Perform the exercise for two minutes

Exercises with a Fitness Rubber Band for Men

The previous exercises are suitable for both women and men. The following exercise will especially appeal to the strong half of humanity, as it works the biceps:

Put one foot on the center of the fitness band, take the ends of the tape in hand
Take the other leg back and bend at the knee
Then take your elbows back, slowly straighten your arms, pulling the tape
Do at least 25 repetitions

Reviews of Workouts with Rubber Bands for Fitness

In general, user feedback on the elastic projectile is positive. Women praise its effectiveness in tightening the muscles and flabby skin of the hands, strengthening the press and quality stretching. Fitness gum will help in losing weight, but for this you need to limit yourself in nutrition. Minimize the consumption of fatty, fried, sweet foods, enrich the diet with protein foods, fruits and vegetables. If you just exercise, not limited to food, it is possible to pump up the muscles under a layer of fat, which will only increase the volume. Girls also note an increase in endurance and flexibility of the body. The ladies also note the convenience of storing and transporting the projectile: the elastic fitness rubber band easily fits in this bag. So, it can be taken to the country, nature, tourist trips. Thereby not interrupting training.

Men are also happy with the action of fitness bands. This is an additional way to strengthen and pump up the muscles, increase body flexibility. The projectile can also be used as a warm-up before training with “serious” power projectiles.

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