Getting out of the Keto diet

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Many people now work independently to improve their health, monitor their diet. Some people choose a keto diet for themselves. The main task after graduation is to maintain the achieved result – to maintain the obtained form.

Difficulty leaving the Keto diet

The rapid transition to a normal diet can lead to stress in the body. The exit from the keto must be clean, smooth. Many of them have temptations leading to outright greed, which in addition to losing shape can lead to problems with the pancreas.

The “side effect” of a sharp increase in carbohydrate intake may be carbohydrate edema. Some people with kidney problems may have a return to morning puffiness under the eyes. A well-known mild hangover can occur during carbohydrate processing.

How to Get out of the Keto diet

Let’s look at how to get out of the keto diet. To maintain the result of weight loss, it is necessary to gradually change dietary preferences. One of the methods is the following: every 2 days increase the amount of carbohydrates by 10 grams and the amount of fat – by 5 grams, so that as a result the amount of fat consumed is 1 gram per 1 kg of body weight.

But the amount of carbohydrates when you leave the keto diet must be decided individually. Their number will depend on what result you want to achieve: drying or correction of weight and shape.

When is the Best time to Get out of the Keto?

You can leave the keto at any convenient time of the year. You can recommend getting out of ketosis in the summer. During this period there are many fruits, berries and melons. Drinking watermelon will help solve the problem of swelling. But melon is best consumed in small portions an hour after a meal, as it is much more difficult to digest.

This short period will not harm the body and will bring a little joy of feelings and emotions in your life. But do not abuse, do not overload the digestive tract at once and a lot, as there may be a feeling of mild intoxication during digestion. These carbohydrates cannot be compared to carbohydrates from crystal sugars and various confectionery products.

To get out of keto properly, you need to take into account your age, health characteristics and how active you are.

What to add to the Diet when you Leave the Keto diet

What foods can you add to your diet to get out of the keto diet? At first you can eat some sweet fruits. It’s a little small cup. But not all. For example: blueberries and bananas have a very high glycemic index and will be too much of a shock to digestion. Better to eat strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, oranges and cherries. So it is better to start with them.

From the cakes you can dark or dark chocolate, jam and a little ice cream without additives.
From the first dishes it is good to add soup of borscht and cabbage from lean categories of meat (beef, lamb, chicken) in the menu. Bean, black bean and lentil soups are also suitable.
You will need to temporarily forget about garlic as it has a high sugar content.
For side dishes it is better to use durum wheat paste, whole grain noodles. And from porridge – pearl barley porridge on water, buckwheat crumbly, barley and barley.
Oatmeal soaked in kefir with the addition of a small amount of finely chopped green apples is acceptable.
Bread is preferred with bran. This will help eliminate the fermentation processes that occur when switching to carbohydrate foods. In these cases, the pie is also very good.
Cheesecakes are good because they are very low in carbohydrates.

According to some nutritionists, carbohydrates are best consumed in the morning. Up to about 15 hours. In the afternoon, protein foods are preferable.

Motivation at the End of the Keto diet

To get out of the keto and not get lost, you can try to “negotiate” with yourself. Some athletes who are sweet in life imagine how all their efforts go down the drain due to banal weakness and the long-awaited rewards go into oblivion. They visualize the end result and what it does.

Ordinary people can use other methods. For example, the presentation of admiring glances from others as a deterrent. Eventually, some change their lifestyle to attract the attention of the opposite sex. And sometimes, maybe to find a life partner.

For a certain category of “horror stories” for early heart attack, crushed joints from weight, sagging skin work well. It is also good to remember that being overweight is one of the three biggest health risks. You can see the statistics of obesity deaths. Find your “red button”. Think about what will motivate you from breakdowns, greed and violation of self-discipline in nutrition.

Yes. We remember the goals we set. We are trying to change everything gradually. We indulge in small pleasures that restrain temptations. Then you can get out of the keto diet without harming your health and without unnecessary stress. And of course we get positive emotions from the beautiful shapes of the body. Otherwise, what are the restrictions?

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