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You may have noticed that most amateur athletes who visit the gym have well-shaped biceps. This is a normal biceps workout is one of the lightest, at the same time inflates best and the results are seen relatively quickly. However, shaping massive – both large and strong arm muscles is not an easy task. Given that the biceps belongs to the small muscle groups, during intense training it is easily overloaded, which in turn leads to loss and reduced growth. It has two heads and in professional bodybuilders both are very well defined, but for most fitness enthusiasts, one head is well-shaped, and the overall effect can be seen even if the biceps are not tight. Let us offer you a workout with which you will shape a massive biceps.

Biceps Exercise with a Barbell

Biceps barbell bending is one of the main exercises, mandatory when shaping the arms. It is true that it is not the purest biceps exercise, but it gives incredible strength. Barbell folding is one of the first exercises that everyone starts with when they enter the gym. The advantages of this exercise are several:

  1. The rod lever can be used for different width grip. This will lead to different grip and different loading of the two heads of the biceps.
  2. During the barbell exercise, the muscles of the forearm are loaded, which form very well even if you do this exercise.
  3. The bars provide a gradual increase in weight, which is very useful as you progress.

For beginner fitness enthusiasts, we recommend using the curved lever. The grip is marked with it. It is very important to perform the exercise correctly. If you train in a smaller gym and there is no free barbell, you can perform this exercise on the lower pulley (personally for me the lower barbell does not fit as well into the biceps as the barbell).

Biceps Exercise – Concentrated Bending

This exercise is very important because it is a very good addition to your biceps workout. It is best to do at the end of the workout in three sets of 12-15 repetitions. This exercise has an amazing pumping effect and you will quickly become addicted to it. The advantages of this biceps exercise are:

  • It loads only the biceps when performed correctly.
  • Unique pumping effect

In this exercise, weight is not essential, the pumping effect you feel during this exercise is saturation of the biceps with blood, and more blood in the biceps provides more nitrogen, so the muscle can feed and become massive.

Biceps Flexion with Dumbbells From an Inclined Seat

This exercise is indicated as one of the main exercises for the growth and development of the biceps. With it, the isolation of the biceps is very good, and this is useful if you have done a number of more complex exercises before. The exercise has several options depending on the grip with which you hold the dumbbells. The grip largely determines which head of the biceps you will train, whether it is internal or external. Definitely this exercise is one of the most important for the development of the biceps and we recommend it! The advantages of its implementation are:

  • a powerful stimulator for biceps growth
  • Easy to perform exercise
  • The individual inclination of the bench determines the possibility of maximum load on the biceps.

When building massive muscles it is extremely important not only the right training but also the right training. For small muscle groups, give them at least 48 hours of intense training. rest. In order for your biceps to become massive, you need to nourish them properly. The simplest way to get extra pure protein is through nutritional supplements.

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