Diarrhea in the keto diet – 5 causes and how to control them

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Diarrhea is one of the most common side effects after starting a high fat diet. The good news is that this doesn’t last forever. If you take the right steps, disturbing diarrhea in the keto regimen will quickly be a thing of the past.

People are different, which means that the cause of diarrhea can be different for everyone. Today we will help you find it and solve the problem in just a few days.

1. Diarrhea in the keto diet due to too much fat

In the keto regimen, you need to consume enough fat to put your body in a state of fat burning – ketosis. In order for your body to process them properly, you need proper bile flow.

When the menu lacks or limits the amount of fat, bile is not stimulated to release bile juice, which helps the process of their breakdown. As a result, it stays in the body, thickens and becomes sticky. The thicker and stickier it becomes, the harder it is for the bile to get rid of it. In this way the bile flow is disturbed and there is a danger of the formation of gallstones.

Poor flow can lead to an urgent need to visit the toilet every time you eat a high-fat meal. The reason is that the necessary bile juice cannot be poured out of the gallbladder into the intestines, the fat passes through the digestive tract and is expelled from the body without being able to perform key functions for the body.

If you have diarrhea in the keto regimen, try increasing your fat intake at a slower rate. Although this can slow down fat loss, sometimes a slow and steady approach is best.

2. Lactose intolerance

One of the best aspects of the keto diet is the addition of all previously banned dairy products. Most conventional diets recommend avoiding foods such as cheese, cream and yogurt, as they are high in fat.

This is exactly the reason why dairy products have become a key element of a low-carb diet.

But if you have lactose intolerance that you do not suspect, this may be the cause of diarrhea. To check if this is the case, eliminate all dairy products from your plan for at least a month. If the diarrhea problem disappears during this period, then you have found the cause.

In this case, consult a doctor and find healthy substitutes for dairy products. Unfortunately, when a more serious condition is found, the keto regimen may not be for you.

3. Diarrhea in the keto diet due to intake of too much magnesium

Although most experts recommend adding magnesium to your keto diet, if you overdo it, you can expect side effects such as diarrhea. This is usually due to a catabolic imbalance.

Reducing carbohydrates and consuming some of the healthy fats recommended in the keto diet can worsen this imbalance. This does not mean that you should avoid magnesium altogether, but only reduce the dose, as well as use a high-quality form of magnesium, such as magnesium citrate.

4. Keto flu

Diarrhea can also be part of the unpleasant side effects of switching to a high-fat plan or so-called keto flu. If we add nausea, bloating, headaches, low energy levels and increased hunger, things can become unbearable.

In general, any flu-like symptoms you can think of can occur when your body burns all of its glycogen stores to switch to its new primary energy source, fat.

In case your diarrhea is due to this, let’s recall some of the fastest ways to help your body deal with keto flu. This stage usually occurs after the first week.

Symptoms can last a long time if you do not take the right steps:

  • Avoid electrolyte imbalance by taking the right supplements.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Drink 1-2 cups of high quality bone broth to balance electrolytes.
  • Keep your carb intake low.
  • Eat enough fat to go into ketosis.
  • Maintain a moderate protein intake.

Keep in mind that some artificial sweeteners can prevent ketosis, so don’t overdo it.

5. Keto diarrhea due to poor bile flow

We explained above about the relationship between bile and fat intake. But other factors can affect bile flow, such as too many whole grains combined with medications to control other symptoms.

When this happens, the body loses its ability to break down healthy fats. As a result, not only diarrhea occurs, but you can gain weight.

If you notice a problem with the gallbladder, consult a specialist. He will guide you to the right treatment. As a last resort, he will undertake the removal of bile, which is usually not complicated or endangering health.

A few more tips to improve the symptoms of diarrhea in the keto regimen

You can follow some of the tips mentioned above, but nothing will work as well as taking steps to improve bile flow.

Starting a low carb diet is a great first step.

You can also try to deal with diarrhea with appropriate supplements or suppositories. That would get rid of it in a few days.

Coffee can also help move the bile, and is perhaps the most enjoyable way. Yes, you generally use it to move your bowels, but it can help in this case as well.

The best cure, however, remains time.

Your body needs time to adapt to the keto diet. The pancreas, for example, may need time to speed up the production of digestive enzymes. Your intestinal microbiome also needs time to adapt. Give it a week or so, and keep in mind the other remedies for diarrhea in the keto diet in this article.

And remember that the digestive tract is an extremely complex system that needs daily care to stay healthy, whether you are on a keto diet or not.

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