Curious about keto nutrition: 7 facts you may not know

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We have already talked enough about the benefits of the keto diet, how to follow it and what exactly to eat. Today’s article will focus on interesting facts about keto nutrition that you probably haven’t heard of.

If we have piqued your interest and you want to learn something interesting about the keto diet, keep reading.

1. The keto diet is the most sought after diet on the internet

To date, the keto diet has the largest number of global searches on the web – 2.1 million from 105 countries around the world and the number is increasing every day.

Fasting is in third place and the vegan diet is in sixth place.

Only in the last 5 years there has been a jump in the volume of demand related to keto nutrition, by as much as 1300%.

Given all this and the continuing growth of the sector on an annual basis (of 5.3%), there has never been a better time for health and wellness brands to offer more keto products.

2. Curious about keto nutrition: Ketosis – a metabolic advantage in the human revolution

You already know that when the body goes into ketosis, the body begins to burn fat instead of carbohydrates for fuel. This is the purpose of the keto diet. If we look back, however, ketosis has given people much more.

As there have been periods of food abundance over time, but also of many deprivations, ketosis has certainly helped to sustain man.

People could not survive the famine without their metabolism adapting to fat burning.

3. Ketosis was first used in ancient Greece 2,500 years ago

And while we’re still on the wave of history, another interesting thing about the keto diet is that it dates back to ancient Greece.

For the Greeks, epilepsy was a punishment from the moon goddesses Selena and Artemis. They called it the “sacred disease”, so strong that it could not be cured.

Until Hippocrates appears, who claims that this is no different disease from the others. This change in thinking is one of the great breakthroughs in medical history.

What Hippocrates discovered was the power of ketones, which nourish the body when food is scarce. This is the first registered use of therapeutic ketosis.

4. Curious about the keto diet: Ketones can replenish up to 70% of brain energy

We can’t say anything interesting about the keto diet without mentioning the ketones.

As you know, ketones are water-soluble molecules that are produced by the liver. They are formed from fatty acids in the body when it does not produce enough insulin to convert glucose into energy.

Ketones give a lot of energy to the brain when glucose can’t do that. They can also relieve the symptoms of brain fog. If this is not enough, ketone bodies, especially beta hydroxyl butyrate, also have a neuroprotective role.

It has been proven that ketones additionally:

  • reduce nervous inflammation
  • improve brain energy metabolism
  • reduce the excitability of neurons

5. American Bernard McFadden claimed that anyone who follows the keto diet will live to 120 years

Bernard McFadden was a fitness guru – healthy, strong and good-looking, which helped him a lot to promote his ideas. Bernard’s strategy for longevity was simple: follow a keto diet plus fasting for three days to 3 weeks.

According to Bernard, digesting food takes a lot of energy. Accordingly, without food, energy can be invested in restoring our health. He claimed that everything from epilepsy to asthma and cancer could be cured by starvation and keto.

Unfortunately, Bernard died at the age of 87 and failed to prove his theories. However, his work has aroused the interest of many other specialists to do research in this direction and constantly surprises us with something new and interesting about the keto diet.

6. Curious about the keto diet: The keto diet has almost disappeared in 60 years

We have told you that in the beginning the keto diet was used as a treatment for epilepsy. With the discovery of an antiepileptic drug called phenytoin in the 1930s, the diet almost ceased to be used until it was revived 60 years later.

It’s just that doctors’ focus shifts from diets to drugs. But all this is normal, because getting a child to take a pill is much easier than restricting him from his favorite treats for life.

7. Keto nutrition is gaining popularity again thanks to a film starring Meryl Streep

In fact, the film itself is a real case. The story is about a two-year-old child suffering from epilepsy – Charlie Abrahams. Charlie’s parents tried everything. No drug or therapy could control his seizures.

Coincidentally, Charlie’s father, Jim, came across information about the ketogenic diet used at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He takes Charlie there to start therapy. Surprisingly for everyone, it works.

To spread the idea, Charlie’s family set up a foundation to promote the diet and fund research. His father, who is a director, even made a film on the subject – “First does not hurt” (1997).

The plot, of course, is about a little boy with epilepsy who manages to be cured by a keto diet. Meryl Streep’s starring role also had an impact. And all this arouses unprecedented interest in keto nutrition, which continues to this day.

We hope we have brightened your day with these few interesting facts. If you know something interesting about keto nutrition that we have not mentioned in this article, share it with us.

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