Cardio training or High-intensity interval cardio

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There are hardly any people who doubt the effectiveness of HIIT high-intensity interval training for burning fat. People who have problems with the effect of classic cardio weight loss training, such as jogging or exercise bike, have amazing results including interval training. It is clear that you need to include cardio for fast weight loss, but the question is what workouts and exercises to use. Personally, I have pretty good results including burpita at the end of strength training or speed climbing stairs. I have never had such results before when I did cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. Now not only do I clean easier, but I feel incredibly strong, durable and toned throughout the day. The first time I tried interval cardio after strength training, I was shocked by the pumping I got in all muscle groups. Do any of you brag about this after the monotonous cardio. You get off the trail or the ergometer crushed and with no energy. In interval cardio it is just the opposite. After that you are like an excavator.

The key to burning fat more efficiently is to use interval training

In this article we will point out the results of research that has been conducted on athletes subjected to physical activity with interval cardio. In it you will read about the main mechanisms of action that occur in the body during interval cardio, and we will give some examples and options. for programs that are useful to you to develop the most suitable for you and your goals, own programs. Based on the intensity of your intervals for 20 minutes, you can burn more calories than for 50 minutes with low-intensity cardio. Increased levels of growth hormone and testosterone after interval cardio will not only maintain existing muscle mass, but also muscle will look thicker! The more muscle, the better the metabolism. You clear fat and maintain muscle mass.

Interval cardio increases catecholamine levels. Studies show an increase in hormone levels such as adrenaline and noradrenaline from 6 to 14 times compared to baseline levels. These hormones are responsible for the inclusion of fat as fuel, so you clear fat more easily and quickly, by releasing fat cells in the subcutaneous layer. The result is a more relief and athletic appearance, something we all strive for.

High-intensity interval training also increases growth hormone levels naturally. Studies in men and women have shown an increase in growth hormone levels during a 30-second sprint workout of more than 10 times. Even one hour after the sprints, the level of growth hormone is still several times higher than the initial state. Elevated HGH levels are a guarantee of lean muscle mass and strength.

Increased aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Experiments show unequivocally that after using 30-second sprints in several series, aerobic endurance increases significantly. Thus, after 2 weeks of interval training, an improvement of 7-13% is observed. Continuing the 12- to 24-week sprint experiments, the subjects improved their aerobic endurance by 43%. 6-8 weeks on a treadmill or jogging. Damn impressive difference, isn’t it?

I must be correct and say that the results of interval training and interval cardio are the better, the better you know the capabilities of your body and recovery capacity. Do not be enslaved to numbers, trying to perform sets of exercises and numbers series and a load that is beyond your power. So you risk not only hindering good results and burn muscle mass. You must have a good diet with enough protein and a moderate amount of complex carbohydrates. Certainly when you add HIIT workouts to regular fitness, you will burn more fat and gain enviable relief, but this can only happen if you write your homework correctly, making the right choice for you from exercise, series and intensity. Last but not least, the time in which you perform the workout. All this is a set of conditions necessary to achieve maximum results. What is certain is that only those who learn to listen to your body, to load it to the maximum but not too much and to recover with maximum protein intake will succeed. and amino acids!

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