Are keto apples friendly? Keto diet and apples

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I have served as a guide for thousands of people who have started the keto diet successfully, and one of the biggest challenges is changing the way we think about foods that are considered healthy in the standard American diet.

I’ve literally been asked hundreds of times if apples are keto-compliant, so I decided to do a study of carbs and calories in half a dozen varieties of apples and share with you what I found.

How many carbohydrates are there in apples?

When I research nutrition, I always start with the USDA because I want to share the best data possible with you. I included all varieties of apples that are included in the USDA School Nutrition Information Tables.

As you will see, a list of apple varieties is certainly not included, but the values are so similar for each variety that we will extrapolate the common apple varieties later.

Calories and carbohydrates in 1/2 of an apple of each variety.

** Please note that the table above is for 1/2 cup of apple, which the USDA estimates at about 1/2 average apple.

So we see that in total half a fresh apple has about 32 calories and 7 net carbohydrates.

With 7 net carbs, are apples keto friendly?

Keto Friendly means everything that fits into your keto macros With about 14 grams of carbs in an average apple, one apple will fit into your carb limits, as long as you’ve been very careful with the other carbs for the day.

But even if a portion of an apple fits into your keto macros, I really suggest avoiding them when you’re on a keto diet.

For many new keto diets, even a little sugar causes their insulin reaction, which can lead to a craving for sugar. It is best to simply avoid any sugar until you have fully adapted.

What is the lowest grade of Carbohydrates from apples?

In our apple nutrition chart above, we see that all varieties of apples are very similar, except Granny Smith.

I remember Granny Smith’s apples from my grandmother’s backyard. These yellow-skinned apples are fresh and tart, not like the sweeter red varieties of apples.

It should probably come as no surprise that sweeter apples have fewer net carbohydrates, although we may be surprised that they have the same calories as the sweeter varieties of apples. However, as you know, we do not worry much about the calories of the keto diet, it’s all about macros and in particular the restriction of carbohydrates in our diet.

The lowest variety of carbohydrate apples is the Granny Smith apple and other varieties.

All sweet red apples have essentially the same number of carbohydrates, so even if they are not on this list above, you can extrapolate the carbohydrate content to be similar to that on the table.

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