8 ideas for snacks in keto mode

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Low carb diets such as keto diets are effective for weight loss. This is partly due to reduced appetite and fewer calories, but also to the proper distribution of portions and meals during the day.

For keto diet snacks, you can’t rely on seemingly snacks with carbs, but you can replace them with healthy alternatives that are not only delicious, but will keep your body in ketosis.

Today we will look at the meaning of snacks and give you some ideas of what you can eat according to the regime.

Keto snacks – how to use them successfully?

The main rule for a snack is to adhere to the recommended carbohydrate intake. You should eat 55-70% fat, 20-35% protein and less than 10% carbohydrates. Maintaining these ratios ensures that you stay in ketosis.

Restricted carbohydrate intake reduces the release of the hormone insulin from the pancreas. Low insulin, in turn, sends the signal for ketosis.

Eating a high-protein snack won’t ruin your keto goals. In fact, a high-protein diet has been shown to help sculpt the body – losing fat while maintaining muscle, especially in combination with strength training.

It is also very important to focus on the quality of the food. That’s why we recommend that you prepare your snacks at home – this way you will know exactly what products you have used.

Just do not overdo the amount and portions of snacks at keto! If you consume more than you need from any food, even those suitable for keto, you can get problems with weight and digestion.

8 ideas for snacks in the keto diet

It’s time for our quick and easy suggestions for snacks. They do not take much time to prepare (some do not) and yet are healthy and will not adversely affect your diet.

  1. Nuts

The most obvious choice for a snack is nuts. Macadamia nuts, almonds and walnuts are examples of high fat and low carbohydrates – ideal for keto eating.

Nuts are also a great source of minerals such as copper, manganese and molybdenum. If you want to diversify, make nut oil. There are also suitable ready-made products that are loaded with healthy fats, such as hazelnut tahini.

2. Intermediate meals in keto mode: Olives

Olives are also a great source of healthy fats, antioxidants and are perfect for keto. One serving of olives (about 7-10 olives depending on their size) is enough to satisfy your hunger between meals.

Stock up on suitable keto packs of pitted olives and you will be able to enjoy them on the go, like nuts. So at home you will use olive oil, and outside you will enjoy delicious olives.

3. Veal sticks

Meat sticks (most often beef) are also a great idea for a keto snack because they have many varieties and flavors. Just be careful when choosing them, as some products contain hidden sugars and harmful substances.

Look for brands that claim organic production and can prove it. It is important that the composition does not contain sugars, nitrates or preservatives. This breakfast is also great for tracking portion sizes and has a long shelf life

4. Intermediate meals in keto mode: Cheese chips

Cheese chips are an easy homemade keto breakfast, ideal for providing fat and protein. If you do not have time, you can look for a ready-made version, but we still recommend the homemade version, because you will know that you have used only one ingredient – cheese.

The only downside to chips is that you will have to carry it in a suitable box, which will make eating on the go more difficult. Given that this snack is extremely tasty, we advise you not to exceed 16 pieces.

5. Celery sticks with cheese

There are about 7.4 g of net carbohydrates in 100 g of celery stalks. So you get a great hearty snack, high in protein and healthy fats and low in carbs

6. Intermediate feeding in keto mode: Boiled egg

Hard-boiled eggs are one of the favorite foods of most keto dieters. Not only are they low in carbohydrates, but they are full of protein and healthy fats!

One boiled egg is a filling, easily portable snack for snacks at keto. Keep in mind that if you delay consumption, you should keep it in the refrigerator, because it spoils quickly.

7. Black chocolate

We can’t help but include something sweet. Dark chocolate is full of polyphenols associated with various health benefits. A compound called theobromine even raises mood (this explains why women crave chocolate when they are sad).

Look for an option with at least 70% cocoa and less than 5 g of sugar. Alternatively, choose high-quality brands that offer keto-suitable chocolate with low-carbohydrate sweeteners.

8. Intermediate meals in keto mode: Berry fruit

Berries are one of the most suitable foods for the keto regime due to their low content of carbohydrates and sugar. The portion size for a snack is about 50 g.

In general, berries are a nutritious snack that is easy to eat on the go and can last more than a day out of the refrigerator.

We will end with some tips for easy and effective intermediate feeding in the keto regime:

  • Always follow the ratio: fats – proteins – carbohydrates!
  • Read labels to avoid sugar and other harmful ingredients.
  • Be careful with portions – if you can’t control the intake of some snacks, just don’t use them for snacks.
  • Focus on homemade products if possible.

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