5 Training Mistakes Made by 99% of Men Going to the Gym

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In this article you will discover 5 training mistakes made by 99% of the guys who go to the gym, which keep them back from at least 80% of the muscle mass gains they could have.

The next 5 mistakes are the most common and also the most serious when it comes to training for muscle mass.

If you do not find out and fix these mistakes, you will continue to struggle for hours at the gym without seeing any results. When you look in the mirror you will look as weak as a few weeks, months or even years ago. No friend or woman on the beach will be able to realize that they are even going to the gym. All the less to be impressed or attracted by your physical appearance.

Instead, if you apply these 5 tips and very little known methods, you will be able to put on pounds of muscle in record time. In fact, you will grow so fast that people at the gym will start to think you have taken steroids or will come to ask you what supplements you are taking. In 3 months your body will already have an impressive shape, and in 6 months it will instinctively attract women’s eyes and impose respect for men.

Here are the 5 mistakes you must avoid:

1. Tracking the Training of an Advanced Bodybuilder

This may shock you, but the truth about gaining muscle mass is not what you can read in bodybuilding magazines or blogs.

You do NOT need to buy supplements to reach the enormous amounts of protein they also recommend, and you do NOT need to follow the workouts of performance bodybuilders who have gone through many stages and many injectable steroids to grow through such workouts.

In fact, this is TOTALLY unproductive for ALL guys who are not genetically gifted, do not take steroids, or are not in puberty.

The best methods of growing muscle mass are not those used by 99% of gym guys. If you don’t believe me, look around the room. Have you ever seen someone who is a little closer to a bodybuilder in magazines? Have you seen anyone with 50 cm thick arms, round shoulders and visible squares?

Whether they took the more or less well-intentioned advice of supplement-selling magazines, or the ideas of other people who simply didn’t know more, over 99% of people in the room don’t get even 20% the results it could have.

But you don’t have to be one of them. If you have the courage and an open mind not to follow popular thinking and apply the tips and techniques I am going to present to you, you will gain pounds of muscle in the shortest possible time. No matter how hard you’ve worked so far.

2. Failure of Progressive Overload

The law of progressive overload is the most important principle of muscle growth. If you ignore this simple rule it is absolutely impossible to grow muscle mass.

In short, the law of progressive overload says that in order to increase strength and muscle mass you must challenge your body beyond its previous limits.

If you use the same weights for the same number of repetitions, DO NOT do anything to force your body to grow. You do not make any changes to cause the body to develop muscles. In other words, if you go to the gym and tell yourself that today you will train more easily, as if you are more tired, that you have not eaten enough or who knows what other excuse, and you do not bother to break your previous records , you just won’t grow!

3. Low Frequency per Muscle Group

The vast majority of training programs work a muscle group once a week. Thus, if you go to the gym week by week, at the end of the year you will have 52 growth opportunities for each muscle group.

But what if you could train each side between 104 and 156 times a year?

If you did it smart and recovered enough from one workout to another, you would be two or even 3 times more likely to grow muscle mass. You would grow 2 or even 3 times faster!

And the best part is that you could do it without spending more than 45 minutes 3 times a week in the gym. I’ll explain a little later how

4. High Volume with Low Effect

There is no logical reason to do many exercises of many sets for each muscle group. Especially if you are a so-called “hardgainer” – a weak person who grows up hard – such workouts destroy your recovery skills leaving you tired and muscleless.

So, don’t add an extra set to your favorite chest exercise and don’t add another biceps exercise as it can, can grow even bigger. That’s not how it works.

Focus on what’s really important to grow muscle mass fast. Go to the gym and work hard on only the most valuable exercises. Use a heavier weight than last time or do a few extra repetitions. Finish your training, leave the gym fulfilled and start the recovery process.

5. Lack of a Progressive Plan

You can’t go to the gym, improvise for a moment and expect to see results. Believe me, this is a trap I’ve been in for 6 years and it’s one of the worst things you could do.

If you go to the gym and try to use different exercises to not let the body get used to certain movements or, on the other hand, go and do only your favorite exercises, you will surely look like a year as you look today.

Instead, if you use a smart training program that is based on the above principles and is proven to work for even the weakest guys who think they are growing up hard, you can’t go wrong.

In order to make this as easy as possible, we have created for you two training plans of 12 weeks each, guaranteed to build a big chest, thick arms and legs and a wide back.

And since training alone is not enough to ensure your rapid muscle growth, we have created an entire book that details every secret of muscle growth.

You will discover the secrets of nutrition for magnificent muscle mass – and you will see exactly what and how much to eat to grow 3 or even 4 times faster. You will find out the truth about supplements and why not spend money on them, you will discover little known methods to naturally optimize your hormone secretion and many many other extremely important information that you need to apply to develop musculature.

Click here. Read the article and order your book. Don’t waste any extra hours at the gym until you read these secrets. You will gain months or even years of training. You will grow faster and more accurately than 99% of the people you see with you in the gym.

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