5 Exercises For Strong and Beautiful Feet

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Leg exercises are often overlooked in importance, although their benefits are numerous. Therefore, we decided to dedicate a special article to them, recommending 5 exercises for strong and beautiful legs.

1. Lifting the Leg From the Hip Joint + Bending

This exercise involves lifting one leg from the hip joint. Strengthens the legs, calves and glutes and helps improve traction.

Keep your body in a straight line from the knee to the shoulders and mobilize the glutes and major muscles on both sides of the body.


The exercise serves to strengthen whole legs, hips and glutes and works to improve balance.

Straighten your hips and knees. Do not try to push yourself with the other leg, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. The foot that is on the bench should do the greater work.

3. Dead Traction with One Leg + Elastic

The exercise works to strengthen the calves and glutes and helps improve balance.

The added elastic is a bonus to the exercise, which works in the direction of stability and balance. The rubber band exerts the greatest resistance during the first part and at the moment of blocking. If you want to increase the level of complexity, use an elastic band with greater resistance.

4. Isometric Gluteus Bridge + Pudovka

The exercise involves performing an isometric gluteus bridge with one leg and lowering the other leg, while stretching the arms back with a push-up in sync with the legs. It is important to keep your legs and back straight.

Helps strengthen the thighs, glutes and develops stability and balance, as well as mobility of the shoulders.

5. Balance of a Ball With One Leg

This exercise works to strengthen the calves and glutes.

The foot should balance in the center of the ball. Tighten the back of the thighs and glutes and keep the thighs raised and stretched during the exercise. Bend the knee of the free leg and keep your thigh relatively close to your body. Slowly straighten your knee and maintain proper shape as you move the ball back and forth. Keep your arms relaxed and do not anchor your body to the ground.

Try to include some of our ideas in your next workout, and if you want to enrich your program, consult with our professional instructors. They will give you valuable ideas on how you can improve your performance and will prepare for you an individual training program, according to your goals and specifics.

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